King of Seafood


Excerpt From WGNO, The King of Louisiana Seafood.

Keith and Nealy Frentz are not your average couple. The two own Lola Restaurant in Covington, plus the two are chefs; cooking pretty much round the clock together.

“I can’t think of it any other way,” says Nealy, “I can’t imagine not working with Keith. it makes life fun!”

Last weekend Keith was crowned King of Louisiana Seafood  after winning the Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off presented by the  Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. It’s not an easy title to conquer, and like most smart partners he’s attributing his success to his other half.

“I share the crown with Nealy, so it’s a King and Queen thing. It’s kind of corny, but she helps just as much as I did,” insists Keith.

The two met nine years ago while working at the kitchen inside Brennan’s. A few years later they opened Lola, and then they got engaged inside their kitchen.

“In the kitchen where we always are,”  says Keith.

The kitchen has taken Frentz’s full circle, and now, from the kitchen, they’re spilling the beans on a six week old secret.

“This (Lola Restaurant) is our first baby, and we have a daughter, and we’re expecting another!” says Nealy.

It’s in the kitchen where the chef’s spend most of their time, satisfying North Shore bellies with home style grub,  and while they have another bun cooking in their oven, the two assure us they’re just getting warmed up.


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