Seen around town

Crowned the King and Queen of Louisiana Seafood for 2012, Keith & Nealy can now be seen around town in large display. Come dine at Lola and you’ll see why their crown is deserved.

One Response to “Seen around town”
  1. Sharon Deyhle says:

    I watched Chopped last night and I have to say that you were robbed. Rarely do I have a problem with the judges decision until now.
    I thought you’re dishes were more creative and they made SENSE with the ingredients given. I was so suprised because the dishes that Chef Nealy made were the ones I would want to eat.
    Furthermore her enthusiasm was great and she showed so much confidence.
    If I ever find myself in Covington I will be sure to visit. I just wanted to let you know becuase I was so outraged that I felt compelled to tell you.

    Best Wishes,
    Sharon Deyhle